Vertical Concepts fabricates custom railing, signage, elevator interiors almost anything you can think of. Current fabrication processes are highly dependent upon computer programming, Vertical Concepts employs a sophisticated software program ,called Master-Cam ,which can” fit” parts together, but more importantly, via a DXF files,  we can remotely operate lasers, water-jet cutters, five axis machining and press brakes. Our years of experience in welding and polishing enable us to fabricate many complex parts.. For example, on a recent project the architect had designed a stainless steel  handrailing post that was to be machined from solid stock which was simply incredibly expensive. With our Master-Cam computing system and precise laser cutting we were able to cut weld and polish the post using 14 ga” stainless steel. This saved almost 85% of the cost of five axis machining!

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